REMARKABLE SERVICE. As good as I’ve had in any industry, from any service person, ever. Long story short, I was first working with another restoration/cleaning service when I realized that they were doing something wholly unethical. So then I called and spoke to owner Vince at Five Star. An example of a “class act” move: because it’s a small town- and in the same industry-Vince of course knew the other person I was speaking of. He didn’t say anything negative about the man or the business; he focused on how sorry he was that I’d been through that, the egregious nature of what had happened, but without getting into personal comment or observations about his own past impressions. That was just the beginning though. He proceeded to provide what can best be described as white glove service. You would have thought this was either a hugely profitable job or that I am a celebrity of some kind because he was so gracious, so consistent in his communication throughout, as well as going the extra mile to ensure I received the most value for his services. And to top it off, the actual job came out to be significantly less than he initially thought. And, the insurance adjuster I’m working with has worked with Five Star and made a point of saying that Vince is a person of integrity and that he had no worries on my behalf about Five Star doing the right thing and a great job.

Lopez A.